Tassullo - Fenix Limerestoration

FENIX NHL5 and FENIX NHL3,5 natural hydraulic lime: special, right from their origin

What is FENIX

FENIX is the natural hydraulic lime on which all products in the Fenix Limerestoration range are based. Using this binder, traditional mortars and plasters can be made directly on site.

Marna for Fenix NHL5

FENIX is the natural hydraulic lime created from centuries of tradition. The raw material used for its production is the valuable limestone that Tassullo quarries in the ancient mines at San Romedio. This marlstone is fired in vertical kilns, and then The mines at San Romedio it is left to hydrate naturally for over 40 days, before undergoing the final grinding process. These stages of the manufacturing process, certified by the manufacturing quality control supervision specified by the standard UNI-EN 459-1, enable FENIX to be brought to superlative levels of quality and performance.

FENIX natural hydraulic lime is available in the versions FENIX NHL5 and FENIX NHL3,5 Chiara.
Fenix NHL5 is unique for the following characteristics:

  • Open microstructure with high porosity, vapour permeability and elasticity.
  • Total absence of cement which, in the presence of sulphates, would cause the deterioration of masonry.
  • High mechanical strength
  • Compatible with new masonry and, above all, with old structures.
  • Volta
  • Low content of water-soluble salts while setting.